Journey With Lucie
So, Lucie, what do you do?
I listen, guide and empower others
I give them the tools to find out who they are
— I guess, I am a life coach.

Hello you. My name is Lucie

I believe we all have the capacity to find meaning, purpose and happiness in this life.

I facilitate experiences that help you connect to your inner light, cultivate your self-esteem, tap into your creativity and radiate positive energy. 

I am based in Brussels, where I teach yoga, lead personal development sessions and often organize conscious outdoor adventures, treks & yoga retreats around the world.

I take great joy in facilitating trips and taking my guests to remote, and beautiful places in nature.

I am glad to gather all my projects and realizations on this platform, and hopefully we will share a bit of a journey together.

If you are inspired, please do get in touch with me: at